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Biography Robert J Calcagno

Robert J. Calcagno has transformed his talents from the courtroom to the canvas. Having been a successful litigator in Atlanta, Georgia, for over 29 years, his last decade painting has identified him as America's own "French Impressionist".

The heart of Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère where he works is the dream place of this artist. This beautiful setting enables him to convey the mystery of nature and life, all that is between joy and pain, through his paintings.

The impressionist influences of Paris and Provence inspire his work and he enjoys the fact that 20,000 years ago masters created brilliant impressionist art in the caves of this valley (a UNESCO heritage site in recognition of these prehistoric cave paintings).

Mr. Calcagno has produced more than 700 paintings in his favorite medium, oil on canvas. 600 of these works are now in private collections.

In addition to being a commissioned artist, he is also a contracted published artist for Art in Motion, one of the world's largest art publishers.  This company has marketed his work in seventy countries. Robert is currently exhibiting and selling his art throughout the United States and Europe.

He enjoys working from his studios in France and Georgia, USA. When he is in France he welcomes visitors to his studio and gallery there. 



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